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About HACK

The future of workspaces desires more mobility, flexibility and choice. The Hack Cafe Coworking Model resonates the future of workforces. The Hack aims to India’s Largest Cafe Coworking Space to create a Social Impact in a coworking space for community builders, social entrepreneurs, creatives and engaging people. We provide a platform for groups to experiment, blend sectors, and uncover innovations to manifest a more caring, resilient, and abundant future.

By curating coworking spaces inside amazing cafes with full redeemable F&B plans. And enabling our members to now work freely on the go!

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from a different location every day. We’re currently in locations across Bangalore, with more cities coming soon.

And because of our innovative restaurant partnership model, we can offer this to our customers at a fraction of the price of other coworking options, and without all the hassle, stress and inconsistencies of meeting at and working from a home office,and hotel lobbies.